Fixed Deposit Calculator

Here is a Fixed Deposit Calculator with which you can instantly calculate the maturity value of your Fixed Deposits. You just have to enter the following values in the given fields.

Initial Deposit: This is the Principal amount of the Fixed Deposit.

Years: The tenure for which you have deposited your money in the fixed deposit

Compounded  per year: This value is to be entered carefully depending upon the frequency of compounding of your Fixed Deposit. Most of the Bank in India apply Quarterly compounding, which means the interest is applied every 3 months and is added to the Principal amount. In that case you have to enter a value of 4 here. If your Fixed Deposit is Monthly compounded then enter a value 12, if six-monthly compounded then 2 and if yearly compounded then enter a value 1 here.

Interest Rate: Enter the Yearly Interest Rate here..

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