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(Formerly Birla Yamaha Limited – ISO-9001 & ISO14001 COMPANY)

The Yash Birla group is a part of the prestigious house of the Birlas, started by Mr.Baldeo Das Birla, the great-great grandfather of our current chairman. The lineage of yash birla group began with Mr.Rameshwar Das, grandfather of Mr.Ashok Birla, the sudden demise of Mr.Ashok Birla, in 1990, plunged his son Yashovardhan into the corporate world. Since then Yash Birla and his group have only emerged stronger than before. Yash birla has not only brought sick companies to life but has given the group a dynamic strategy like never before. He gave the Group a dream, a global vision and an integrated approach.

From Gensets to Inverters to Multipurpose Engines you name it, we make it. Today we are spread across the length & breadth of the country and across the globe with a range of products, making us India’s largest provider of power solution products. From being a manufacturer of a single product, we have become a multi-product Company.

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